CHD 54 meter sprayer

CHD 54 meter sprayer

We are very proud that we have a 54 meter sprayer. More »

Tandem axle

Tandem axle

With a 14,000 gallon tank is the new CHD tandem axle largest trailed sprayer so far on the Dutch market! More »

Trailed sprayer

Trailed sprayer

Our range trailed sprayer (s). More »



A summarizing of the sprayer manufacturing process:

The customer makes his wishes known to us and they are put on paper. After the buyer has ordered the machine the head of producion will start the production of the sprayer.


In the sawmill, all steel pieces will be sawn. The sawyer gets the type of sprayer passed and saws the steel pieces to the correct size using special drawings.

Zaagmachine CHD


When all the steel components are cut, they are brought to the welding department. Here all pieces of steel are assembled by means of molds of the type of sprayer. Here will arise for example a frame, spraybooms and swingarms.

Lasserij CHD   Lasserij


When the parts are welded, they are sand-blasted to obtain a clean and well bonding surface. After this treatment, the components will be sprayed in the primer and hanged out to dry. When the parts are dry they are sprayed in a green colour specially made for  CHD.

Spuiterij CHD   Spuiterij CHD


In the assembly department, all necessary components are put together to obtain the ordered sprayer.

CHD montage


When the sprayer is ready, it will be brought to the testing hall. Here the sprayer is tested to see if all parts work. In the testing hall the sprayers are also inspected and given a final check up.

CHD Test


When the sprayer is ready, it will be transported to the customer by our own transport, or the customer can pick it up at the factory.