CHD 54 meter sprayer

CHD 54 meter sprayer

We are very proud that we have a 54 meter sprayer. More »

Tandem axle

Tandem axle

With a 14,000 gallon tank is the new CHD tandem axle largest trailed sprayer so far on the Dutch market! More »

Trailed sprayer

Trailed sprayer

Our range trailed sprayer (s). More »


Axcle steering

CHD FuseebesturingThe CHD axle steered agricultural sprayers are following the track precisely and offer many advantages for machines with large booms. Axle steered sprayers drive very stable. The steering can not give “the swaying of the booms” effect, because the system moves not the entire frame but only the wheels. The steering is achieved by a manual or automatic control valve with Trail-Control. Through using the ideal frame and tank together with crop saving tyres and a width of 150cm the maximum steering can still be achieved. Through this concept, it is also possible to assemble very broad tyres (to 1050). Spray tracks have the advantage, that the working can still continue in very wet conditions without damaging the soil culture.

Axle steering has the following advantages:

  • Safe transportation on the road with high speeds,
  • Good weight devision
  • Easy moving in the curves
  • Steering with slowing down option
  • High ground clearance
  • Less “swaying of the sprayingboom”
  • Crop-saving.


CHD Fuseebesturing